brd is an artist interested in understanding rhetoric and logic, and how the perception of understanding can determine value. She considers fictive and propositional possibilities as well as instances where forms of communication combine, depart, or fail one another. She investigates notions of empathy and the limits of how the subjective experience can be inhabited or embodied. Slippages, conflations, and circular reasoning commingle with persistent preoccupations around the burdens and desires threaded between care and love. She holds a dual BA and BS from DePaul University and MFA from CalArts.

Together, brd and Hannah Varamini will embark on Loves Remedies, an exploration of an ethics of dedication and sharing, through co-facilitating a series of interconnected collaborations with other artists. Enabling them to manifest events like workshops, reading groups, exhibitions, and panel discussions as well as embarking on other, less tangible forms of support, the originating artists seek the proliferation of actions starting from generosity and love.